Rhiannon has been dancing since she was very young. She had the good fortune of having a mother who was a dance teacher and so grew up dancing almost every day of her youth. She studied jazz, tap and ballet. As she grew older she focused primarily on ballet. She competed on a state level in ballet and enjoyed performing in multiple productions. As a teen she took up yoga and fell in love with Indian culture. From the first time she saw a Bharatnatyam dancer perform, she was entranced by the beauty of Indian dance. She started watching Bollywood films with her friend and loved the dance numbers so much. She made it a goal to study Bollywood Dance one day. Happily the opportunity arrived in 2009 when she joined the classes of Dance with Mollie. Rhiannon loves the coy playfulness of Bollywood dance, the beauty of semi-classical and the dedication and grace of Bharatnatyam. Rhiannon loves dancing and teaching Bollywood dance. She teaches the children's dance classes. She also leads the Student Troupe. She is currently studying Bharatnatyam with Mollie. As in her youth, she dances almost every day and loves it.